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Switching to Your Property Agency

Switching your property management to Your Property Agency is easy.  You simply need to contact us by phone or email us to request the change. There are no fees and the process is stress free with no hassles to your tenants, even if they are in a current tenancy agreement. 

Step 1:

Contact us to discuss your needs and to discuss the details about our management terms and agreement, once you provide us authority to manage your property we will do the rest for you. 

Step 2:

We will make contact with your existing property manager and notify them of the pending change, ideally if you could drop an email or make a simple call to notify them that we will be making contact would be helpful.  We will then organise to collect keys and property records from the existing agent and then make contact with your tenant to advise them of the change. We will organise a meet and greet with the tenant and introduce ourselves, at this time we will conduct an inspection of the property to ensure all information is recorded and up to date at the time we take the property over. We will then continue to manage the property and you can relax and enjoy the new relationship between you as the landlord and Your Property Agency. 

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