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All properties available for rent will be listed on, in addition to this site your property will be listed on our website,


All listings with will be a 'Premiere+ listing'.  This means that you start as a feature property at the top of search results, this helps your property to not only stand out but appear at the top of the listing page. 

Open for Inspection
We would recommend opening the property once a week when searching for new tenants.


Professional Photography (optional)
Professional photography and digital editing will capture your property at it’s best. Quality photos help to create perceived value in a property and create an emotional connection with prospective tenants. This translates to faster lets, better prices and a greater selection of tenant candidates. 

Floor Plan (optional)
Next to the photos, a floorplan is one of the first things many prospective tenants look at.  It allows people to get a sense of room sizes, the layout of the home and how it could work for them. This helps to drive enquiry as well as keep the property fresh in people’s minds post inspection. The plan will include room dimensions and will also be loaded onto your property listing at key websites.

Rental Signboard (optional)
Your perfect tenant may not be actively looking for an Adelaide property. Signboards generate local awareness and create word of mouth alerting prospective tenants to an opportunity to rent in a neighbourhood they like and know. 

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